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Designer Debut: Kristen Weese

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Meet Deslaurier’s newest secret weapon, Kristen Weese 

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry for 4 years now.

I went into interior decorating right out of high school in 2013, graduating from that program in 2015. While in school I worked part time at urban barn selling furniture and helping clients with their interior design needs, and also worked with John from HDD Ottawa and Susan at SO interiors.

It wasn’t until I graduated that I decided I wanted to specialize in kitchen design.

The kitchen is the heart of the home & I love helping my clients create a space that mirrors their lifestyle and personality. Whether it is hosting cocktail parties or rounding up children for nightly family dinners, I want them to make the most of their kitchen. 

Once I decided kitchen design was my passion, I studied kitchen and bath design from 2015 – 2016. Deslaurier welcomed me as a co-op student from kitchen and bath in 2016 and hired me on full time right out of school.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my personal style is more eclectic then anything & I prefer to use raw materials in my space.

I tend to get drawn to certain pieces and find a way to make them work within my space.

I love integrating old/vintage pieces into my newer designs. I love high contrast design & the use of black metals in light airy spaces to give it depth and that “wow” factor.

Why did you get into kitchen design?

I’ve always had a passion for design from a young age…I was constantly annoying my mother with wanting to rearrange/repaint my room as my personal style was evolving with age.

I have always been drawn to natural stone. I got into kitchen design when I realized I needed to do more than interior décor. I loved all the calculations and detail it takes to plan out a kitchen design that is both beautiful and functional.

How do you find inspiration when you help a customer design a space?

Finding inspiration is at a fingers touch these days. From searching the web for inspiration or asking fellow colleagues/friends, but I find most inspiration is found from just collaborating with clients and discovering their needs.

There is no better inspiration than simply learning about who my clients are and how they plan to use their kitchen. 

What is the thing you most enjoy about your job?

Seeing a satisfied customer at the end of the design processes when all of their needs and wants become reality is a feeling you cant beat. But turning a house into a home for all to enjoy is by far my favorite part.

You can completely transform someone’s life by giving them a space that functions and benefits them in every aspect.

I enjoy turning dull outdated spaces into beautiful functioning living spaces.

When you are not designing kitchens – what do you do in your spare time? What are your favorite things to do for fun?

When I’m not designing kitchens I love to spend time with my beloved Great Dane Winnie & Lady friends whether it be a night out on the town for dinner & drinks or staying in for a wine & charcuterie night.

Kitchen Accessories

5 Must Have Kitchen Storage Accessories

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5 Must Have Kitchen Storage Accessories for 2020


After the hustle and bustle of the holidays, we’re all left feeling a little disorganized. While our kitchen was the center stage during our holiday parties and gatherings, it’s left looking a little too lived in.  

The good news is, a new year brings a fresh start, and for many, a new and improved kitchen. Whether you’re planning a kitchen reno or simply want to make the heart of your home more functional for the year ahead, storage accessories should be a top consideration for your 2020 kitchen goals.

Storage is more than just organizing the clutter in your kitchen. It’s about affordable, modern solutions that can reduce health risks, improve food prep and make cooking and cleaning more efficient.

Organization is Always Trendy

Fads and trends will come and go as we step into this next decade, but useful and organized spaces will remain timeless. Our cabinets and pantries are designed to be anything but standard, which is why we offer customized storage accessories to help make everyday life easier and make the most out of every square foot in your kitchen.

If you’re ready to tackle your kitchen’s organization needs in 2020, then these 5 must have kitchen storage accessories are for you.

Roll-out cabinet shelves

roll out cabinets

First on the list to achieving kitchen organization greatness is the roll-out cabinet shelves. Bending down or kneeling on the hard floor to reach into the back of a lower cabinet only to pull out the wrong item is anything but functional. These roll-out cabinet shelves are the perfect solution to displaying your cabinet contents with ease. No more digging in a dark and compacted cabinet space for the baking powder. Everything you need at your fingertips, with one roll.

Tray Dividers

cutlery trayspice holder tray

Tray dividers are both aesthetically pleasing and extremely functional, ensuring your cabinet design makes an efficient use of space and is protected from the scratches or dents that come with a chaotic mess of utensils. Making sure everything has a place in your cabinets is an important and thoughtful element in kitchen design.  Aside from utensil trays, you can also opt to insert a spice tray divider, which will conveniently display your spices when the drawer is pulled out.

Magic Corner Cabinet

corner cabinet storage accessory

Third on our list of must have kitchen storage accessories is the Magic Corner unit. This unit is made up of 4 trays which pull out of the corner cabinet and let you have extendable storage. They are useful for larger items like pots and pans and have limited moving parts which prevents them from breaking. Although slightly more expensive than the lazy Susan, they are a better use of limited space as they provide more mobility and functionality, bringing all of the contents of the cabinet out of the darkness so you can see exactly what you have – or didn’t even know you had.

Orgaline Plate Holders

plate holder cabinet accessory

This must have kitchen storage accessory is a fan favorite among our clients who value accessibility in the kitchen. The Orgaline plate holder is an ergonomic alternative for storing dishes in lower cabinets, adding comfort and efficiency to your working space. Dishes are securely contained providing protection and can be easily and safely transported from cabinet to table as the holders lift right out of the drawer. Be sure to check with your designer or supplier to ensure your plate holders will fit the dimensions of your cabinets.

Wire Spice Pull Outs

pull out spice accessory

The Wire Spice Pull Out is an efficient use of space for a narrow cabinet that you might want to add. The front of the cabinet can be custom made to match the rest of your kitchen cabinets, and the inside will have chrome plated rails to add a modern polish. This pull-out features full extension sides to provide complete stability and prevent spices from moving when pulling the system out of the cabinet.

These must have kitchen storage accessories will help you create a space that is just as efficient as it is beautiful. We are proud to offer a range of custom storage and organizational solutions designed to simplify your kitchen work space. 

We know deciding which solutions are right for you can seem overwhelming. Our design team will guide you through all options, ensuring a high-functioning, clutter-free kitchen that allows you to focus on enjoying the moment.

Connect with a one of our design experts for a free consultation to discuss your kitchen needs.


Jason Chartrand Appointed President of Deslaurier Custom Cabinets

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OTTAWA – On behalf of James Maxwell, Cyril Leeder and the rest of the ownership group of Deslaurier Custom Cabinets, we are pleased to announce that Jason Chartrand has been appointed President of the company.

Jason was most recently the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries from 2013 to 2019. In that role, Jason was responsible for all Finance, Administration and Operations of the organization. In addition to his role at La-Z-Boy from 2014 to today, he was the CFO of Corporate Furniture Group, an office furniture solutions business.

Sam Marrello will continue to lead the Deslaurier Sales and Design team and Harold Hazen will continue to lead the Distribution Sales team. Sam and Harold are best in our industry and are prepared to meet the needs of homebuilders, remodelers and kitchen design centres in Ontario and Quebec.

Jim Deslaurier, our Founder, will continue in his current role. Jim will play a key role in customer retention, product development and will be an advisor to the leadership team.

See how Deslaurier can help you with your Kitchen design needs by visiting our website at www.desalurier.ca or call our showroom at 613-596-5155 for an in person appointment. 


DCC Designer of the Month – JULY

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“Successfully creating an inspiring and functional kitchen is to create a space you never want to leave.”  -Andrea De Caria


Andrea De Caria


How long have you been at Deslaurier?
“I actually worked at Deslaurier in my twenties in a design support role then left to start a family. After re-entering the work force, I worked for a developer for many years. I have now been back at Deslaurier for almost 2 years.”

How would you describe your personal style?
“I can appreciate all styles, but I love an eclectic mix of old and new which gives depth and personality to a space.”

Why did you get into kitchen design?
“My background is in interior design and after many years of building custom homes & working for a developer on various residential and commercial projects I was looking for a change. I liked the idea of a working on intricate specialized spaces and the kitchen truly is the heart of the home.”

How do you find inspiration when you help a customer design a space?
“I try to learn as much as I can about my clients. It helps that I’m a people person and I love asking questions. From here, I generally have a good idea which direction we will go.
Clients do often have an idea of how they envision the finished product but it’s my job to work through all the many details and bring it to life.”

What is the thing you most enjoy about your job?
“Meeting great people and the variety that it brings.”

In your spare time, what do you do for fun?
“I’m fascinated by health, wellness & nutrition and love sharing my knowledge and trying out new recipes.”

Fun fact about you:
“Apparently, I laugh like the count on Sesame Street.”


DCC Designer of the Month – JUNE

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“I’m happiest when I succeed at completing an interior as my clients envisioned without knowing it.”  -Darien Wilson


Darien Wilson


How long have you been in the industry?
“General Design since 2012 (graduated in 2014) and specifically kitchen and bathroom design since 2014 (graduated in 2015) been working in the residential field for 7 years. ”

How would you describe your personal style?
“Warm minimalism design/ No-fuss and clean elegance.”

Tell us a quick summary of your professional background:
“Live and breathe for kitchen design/ making my clients happy gives me a kind of satisfaction words can’t describe.”

Why did you get into kitchen design?
“Every kitchen I’ve worked on presents a different challenge/ in the end I want a beautiful outcome that my clients can remember every time they walk into their kitchen. ”

How do you find inspiration when you help a customer design a space?
“You have to get to know your client; find out why they are un-happy with the space. A relationship between yourself and your client is important for a positive outcome.”

What is the thing you most enjoy about your job?
“Sharing my passion with clients who become a very big part of my life/ I’m happiest when I succeed at completing an interior as my clients envisioned without knowing it.”

When you are not designing kitchens – what do you do in your spare time? What are your favorite things to do for fun?
“I love working out/ lifting weights and running. It’s my second passion. Oh and drink wine, they are tied for number two.”



We’re hiring!

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Deslaurier is hiring! We’re currently seeking a FORKLIFT OPERATOR/RECEIVING SUPPORT and a DELIVERY ASSISTANT to work out of our location in Renfrew, Ontario.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • unload product from delivery trucks verifying paperwork against shipments to ensure accuracy and signoff
  • receive delivered materials in a timely fashion in an effort to support production
  • verify piece count against waybill
  • visually inspect incoming goods for damage and for quality standards
  • verify items against internal documents, (door lists/purchasing reports, purchase orders)
  • resolve and report discrepancies
  • store and retrieve materials as required to support production departments
  • pick and build loads for CNC department
  • operate forklift
  • safely lift bulk material and cut/ordered product
  • record stock levels on stock sheet goods
  • evaluate inventory when required
  • keep work area neat & tidy
  • some outdoor forklift driving required
  • occasionally support other departments on an as required basis


  • Education:
  • Grade 12
  • forklift certification – MINIMUM 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE
  • Specialized knowledge, Skills/Abilities and Experience:
  • good with numbers and the ability to accurately measure/piece count
  • ability to perform in a fast-paced manufacturing environment
  • possess excellent communication/customer service and organizational skills
  • display initiative and positive attitude
  • must be physically fit and able to lift up to 100 lbs – this is a very physical job
  • knowledge of cabinetry construction and manufacturing an asset
  • basic computer knowledge


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • assist driving loading delivery vehicle as per established daily delivery schedule
  • accompany the driver who transports materials and products
  • unload and physically place product within the customer, builder or high rise homes
  • greet customer or builder contacts with mutual respect
  • maintain a timely schedule and make all deliveries as planned
  • work in outdoors (all weather conditions)
  • use proper personal protective equipment while around all vehicles and equipment
  • other duties as assigned by lead  or manager


  • grade 12
  • must be physically fit, energetic and able to lift minimum of 100lbs-this role is very physical
  • previous delivery / shipping / receiving experience is an asset
  • proven problem solving, communication and planning/scheduling skills are essential
  • strong interpersonal skills (enjoy dealing with customers)
  • display initiative and positive attitude
  • capable of working independently but as part of a solid team

Interested parties are asked to make a written expression of interest to careers@deslaurier.ca or ndoran@deslaurier.ca. Expressions should be accompanied by a resume, complete with references. Thanks in advance for your interest.