Getting Started

Patterson Kitchen

Whatever your needs, our friendly and experienced team is happy to guide your through the process of getting started on your next project. Let us help you create a design solution that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Get expert assistance

Thoughtful design is at the heart of every great room. That’s why getting expert assistance in the early planning stages of your next project is so important. Whether you are buying a new home or undertaking a kitchen or bathroom renovation, Deslaurier’s design team takes the stress and uncertainty out of the process. Our designers are avid listeners, skilled at identifying exactly what you need and making it happen.

If you already have a clear vision in mind, we’ll work with you to turn your ideas into reality. If you’d like advice, we’re here to help. Whatever you decide, you’ll have access to our extensive collection of products, including door styles, colours, finishes, hardware, countertops and accessories, allowing us to create the perfect design solution for your lifestyle and budget.

Take the first step

To design your perfect kitchen, bathroom, closet or any other room in the house, we need to get to know you. Start by visiting our inspiration gallery and browsing our extensive product selection online to get an idea of the design style and products you like. You can also visit a Deslaurier showroom or authorized dealer closest to you to get an even better sense of the range of Deslaurier options available.

We then recommend you book a design consultation appointment so you can meet for a few quality hours with a designer, who will discuss your vision and your budget and walk you through the process. Not sure what to take to that first meeting? Don’t worry. Simply download our step-by-step planning guide and fill out as much as you can before the consultation.

The process

After your initial consultation, our designers will present you with layout recommendations and work with you to finalize the design for a room that’s not only visually stunning, but works beautifully with your lifestyle.

Our processes are tested and proven. We conduct a detailed analysis of your needs, develop initial design sketches and detailed design plans, then build and install your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and millwork. Whatever your needs, our expert team can tailor a design solution to suit.